Are you thirsty for a challenging adventure? Play free, have fun, jump and run with a tea bag through difficult levels in various regions of the world. Be the best, hit the highscore and unlock achievements without the need of watching annoying ads.

What to do
It’s tea time! 🍵 In order to achieve the greatest possible tea enjoyment, the tea bag needs to find its way into the cup. Guide it over nasty obstacles, sneaky traps and deep drops. You can’t stop. After all, there’s no time to lose. The water gets cold! Don’t lose the aroma! And don´t spill it!

How to play
You don´t need origami skills or the ability to swim through boiling water. Just tap your touchscreen. It may be easy to learn, however it is hard to master especially when you are reaching for the stars – the top ranking on the global highscore.
With each level the difficulty rises. Before you realise it, you have unlocked the next character and are in a whole new region and be given a new special ability. Of course you still can go back to search for the little secrets we placed all over the worlds or to improve your racing skills to gain rewards. Probably you want to compete with a friend and outrage her highscore.

Sound & Graphics
100 percent organic – that´s how we like our tea. And it is also how our worlds are made. Discover the beautiful scenery we passionately draw for our little adventurer. While you stumble across tea plantations, through forests and over sandy beaches, your ears will be spoiled with the sounds of harmonic flutes, exotic birdsong and breaking waves.
To give you the ability to adopt to the region and to express your feelings we deliver various skins waiting to be unlocked.

🏷️Tea Bag moves by itself – isn´t that handy!
🏷️You just need to touch your screen – Can touch this!
🏷️High-Score for Tea-Brew-Olympians – Try our laurel leaf tea!
🏷️Racemode! Compete in the world Ranking
🏷️many Levels – More than you drink cups of tea a day!
🏷️4 Worlds + 3 currently under construction
🏷️different Obstacles – A lot can go wrong with making tea!
🏷️increasing Difficulty – Brewing tea is more than contaminating water!
🏷️new Characters to be unlocked – Sick of drinking tea the whole day?
🏷️new Skins to be unlocked – black tea, green tea, white tea, …
🏷️hidden Secrets – The obvious ones do not deserve to be called „secret“!
🏷️satisfying Rewards – Almost as satisfying as a good cup of earl grey!
🏷️no forced ads🚫 – Nothing is more annoying than unavoidable ads!
🏷️no pay-to-win – It´s about your skill and not your purse!
🏷️fair Prices – Buy us a cup of tea.
🏷️regular Updates
🏷️„You can almost smell the Aroma!“

About Teavelop🍵
We are a freshly hatched Indie game studio from Ratisbona Bavaria Germany. As our passion for tea does not exceed our desire to provide the most enjoyable game, we combined what seemed to be incombinable. Now you are about to play a entertaining game about a tea bag.
But our star is just rising! Expect more unconventional games from us in the future!

How to support us
Give us some feedback. What is missing? What can be improved? What tea is the most tasty? Did we let the tea steep too long? Rate us with a view candied sugar lumps and five stars.


Enough with this tea party! There is no time to lose! Run, jump, hurry! Bring the tea bag to the cup. Enjoy our little free offline game with all its features, its disturbing obstacles, its lovely scenery and its beautiful soundtrack.