One touch action jump and run platformer about the short life of a tea bag!

It’s tea time! In order to achieve the greatest possible tea enjoyment, the tea bag first needs to find its way into the cup. Guide it over nasty obstacles, sneaky traps and deep drops. You can’t stop. After all, there’s no time to lose. The water gets cold! Oh and don’t lose the aroma!

Don´t spill it!

Endless highscore game!

Shoot a Metroid through the galaxy.

You are located in the middle of that circle.
Right behind you is that directional light source projecting light to the canvas.
Take 2 of those 3 shapes and try to match the shadows.

The game offers endless possibilities by providing many different shape combinations. The levels are automatically generated and the difficulty is adjustable.

A project we realized for our partners brainjo, representing one of a few mini-games they use for their brain training application.

The darkest horror game for the Oculus Quest, ever made.

First prototype will be released at the Sidequest store soon.

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Constantly does the tea leaf grow. Its structure is refined. Reliably, it delights people when it puts its aroma at the service of enjoyment. Consistency, structured work and reliability are the characteristics of Niklas. And just as the wind whispers and chats with the tea plants, Niklas converses with his computer in C# as naturally and effortlessly.

Those who believe that good tea only requires tea leaves, water and a cup are forgetting the fire that is at the very beginning and makes the water bubble up. Korbi is the fire. His passion burns brightly for the company and not infrequently ignites those of his colleagues and friends. With flaming zeal, he works everywhere where there is no fire at the moment.

You don’t drink tea from a brown paper cup! The eye must also enjoy. Jessi takes care of this pleasure. Outstanding designs emerge from her creation, making even the sunset over the lush green tea plantations look pale and joyless in the warm breeze. Whether she’s drawing teapots or the harvesting farmer’s wife, harmony permeates every pixel, like the scent of tea in our office.

As lively as the sparkling water, Max is full of energy. And as quickly as the hot water draws the aroma out of the tea, Max acquires new skills and useful knowledge. Like the stream that always finds its way, there are no obstacles for Max. He passes through Unity like water through a tea filter.



Whenever we need someone to moderate meetings, mediate on sensitive issues, motivate the resigned, bring enthusiasts back down to earth, extract a plan from a jumble of ideas, steer a carriage, or just shine with useless knowledge, we call Florian.

There are priests in the church, professors in the university and Felix in business. His advice on marketing and sales is worth bags of tea and as soon as his current project is launched, he becomes our No. 1 partner.

Tea can do many things. But it doesn't guarantee a healthy diet, it doesn't offer a sense of secureness Franzi does. And because she does, Korbi married her. Without her, he and Niklas would certainly no longer be alive!

Dodo's drawings are more energizing than the finest pu-erh tea. A deaf tongue may misjudge the taste of tea, and many may not see the talents that are hidden within her. When she wields the brush for us, it gives us great pleasure, brings us great rewards and teaches us humility.

The aroma jasmine-tea has a particularly relaxing effect. Yasmin E. Music and sounds accompany tea ceremonies and tea games. Their compositions cannot be refined. Except, perhaps, by lively rippling tea poured from grandmother's best teapot.



Brain. Body. Balance.

Even if they drink coffee, the colleagues from brainjo were good office neighbors and are sometimes clients. Their vision is the development of a VR gym for the brain. Of course, we already have our own recipe for this: Tea!

Sustainable start-up culture

Just as a spiced tea brings together a wide variety of plants and seeds, the DGO encompasses numerous regional digital companies. Their network has brought us many tea parties with visionary founders and business people.

Tea soothes the soul. But so do games. lyniat.games was Korbinian and Niklas' employer for a long time. When they were convinced that lyniat.games could manage the rest without them, they returned to Teavelop. In Germany, we call that "ziehen lassen" (letting go).

Take Off

Like a well-stocked tea store, TechBase is home to all sorts of innovative tech companies and startups. The wind of progress blows through its hallways and the aroma of our tea parties mixes with the singed smell of innovation. TechBase is also the venue for the Game Dev Meetups.


Tea tastes finer when you enjoy it together and game ideas are so much better when you work together to bring them to life. The Game Dev Meetup is the I-tea-plantation when we are looking for creative impulses or expert help.

Recent Activity

Our TEA-member Jessi @krtr_jessi just sketched the new website look and feel on the basis

Jessi joined our team to support us with graphics content creation. Helping us with concept